Brian Gonzalez-Montoya

Technical Director & Mechanical Design Lead

Works with sub-team leads to make sure all work is done on time. In charge of ensuring mechanical design work is done on time. 

Responsible for planning, organizing, and presiding at all meetings. Meets team objectives by overseeing all activities and appointment, holds weekly status meetings during build season to discuss the progress of each sub-team, and coordinates with team leads to understand and resolve any issues or concerns. 


Adham Baioumy

Outreach Lead

In charge of finding, creating, and running team outreach events that may include sponsorship related events.  In charge of ensuring related work is done on time. 

Assists the team with budgeting and procurement; ensures the team has necessary supplies and materials; works with sub-team leads and the team's purchasing agent to collect, approve, and track team orders; and maintains an updated Bill of Materials

Promotes the team's marketing efforts both at home and at competitions, and helps coordinate sponsorships and community service projects.


Dawson Brown

Manufacturing Lead

Responsible for the design of the robot and working with other mechanical, electrical, and software team members in order to ensure the proper construction of the robot. Responsible building the robot parts and accessories based on the designs created. In charge of ensuring build work is done on time. 

Jared Bernhardt

Electrical Engineering Lead

Responsible for the layout and proper assembly and functionality of the entire robot's electrical system. In charge of ensuring electrical work is done on time. 


Alex Lee

Software Engineering Lead

Responsible for the programming of the robot for optimum performance during autonomous and tele-operated modes. In charge of ensuring software work is done on time. 


Public Relations Officer

Maintaining friendly public relations is one of our top priorities, which is why we're proud to have this droid as our public relations officer. Built as a makeshift replica of the MSE-6 Series Repair Droid from Star Wars, this lovable droid can be seen at our outreach events handing out flyers and making new friends.